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Vermont – NEA (the union of Vermont educators)




Vermont State Employees’ Association (VSEA)


Rights and Democracy Vermont


Selene has been a stalwart in the crucial fossil fuel divestment movement–and she knows how to work for positive change as well. If we’re going to have a renewable Vermont, we need leaders like her!” – Bill McKibbon, co-founder

“My admiration for Selene has only grown over the years. Her work as a city councilor to advance mental health and substance abuse services and her advocacy and leadership on environmental justice issues is inspiring.  I look forward to more chances to work with her in Montpelier.” – Senator Dave Zuckerman, Hinesburg

Montpelier needs Selene Colburn.  We need her strong voice and tireless commitment, her die-hard focus on the issues that matter most to her constituents.  As a city councilor, Selene has proven time and time again that she’s a passionate and dedicated champion for addressing climate change, fostering social justice, and increasing affordable housing.  She is there, always, for working-class people.  Selene has been an indispensable advocate for her neighbors, and I’m delighted that she’s decided to bring those talents to bear on the issues facing all Vermonters.” – VT Senate Majority Leader Phil Baruth, Burlington

“The proof is in the pudding. Selene has shown us as a City Councilor that she truly understands the values of her neighbors. When federal funding for services for people in Burlington with addictions dried up, Selene was on the phone immediately with Burlington’s legislators to find new resources. And we did. She’ll do a great job in the House!” Senator Tim Ashe, Burlington

Selene’s leadership on the City Council has made it obvious that she has the skills, temperament, and tenacity to be a strong voice for us in Montpelier. I am proud to have Selene running and offer her my very enthusiastic endorsement.” – Rep. Christopher Pearson, Burlington

Selene has brought strong listening, research, and leadership skills to a broad range of pressing problems on the city council. These include the lack of affordable housing and the shortage of health services for people struggling with opiate addiction, both state wide issues where Selene will make a real difference. I endorse her enthusiastically.”- City Council President Jane Knodell, Burlington

“Selene Colburn has been a powerful, effective voice for working families and for social, economic and environmental justice throughout her service on the Burlington City Council.  She’ll bring that same passion, commitment and deep, thoughtful understanding of the issues to the Vermont House.” City Councilor Tom Ayres, Burlington

A great listener and compassionate councilor, Selene makes the time to thoroughly research the issues that matter to her community.  Eloquent, but also critical and constructive when dealing with the issues at hand, Selene will be an excellent addition to Montpelier!” City Councilor Sara Giannoni, Burlington

“I’m supporting Selene for a number of reasons, most importantly the work she’s done around mental health. She’s lead the way on the City Council on this issue, and I know she’ll continue to bring her passion for helping others and hard work ethic to the State House.” City Councilor Dave Hartnett, Burlington

“Unquestionably, Selene is deeply committed to her constituents, the issues that are important to residents of the 6-4 District, and does her best to represent the broad range of perspectives.  She listens, is thoughtful and caring; I have no doubt she will be a strong voice in the Vermont Statehouse.” -City Councilor Karen Paul, Burlington 

Selene is a tireless advocate for the people of Burlington. It has been my pleasure to serve along side her on the City Council, where we’ve collaborated on some of the most pressing issues facing our neighborhood. Her sincerity and commitment to her work and for her neighbors is second to none. We would be lucky to have her represent us at the State House. I wholeheartedly support my friend and colleague, Selene Colburn, on her candidacy for State Rep for 6-4.” City Councilor Adam Roof, Burlington

“I enthusiastically support Selene Colburn for Chittenden 6-4 State Rep. As she’s proven time and again as a City Councilor, she is unafraid to stand up for the needs of working families. With integrity and resolution, she fights for economic and environmental issues, and is a clear and capable voice for her community.” City Councilor Max Tracy, Burlington

“As a hard working and thoughtful public servant, Selene will be a wonderful State Representative.  It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I support her bid in the Democratic Primary and beyond, to represent Burlington’s 6-4 District in Montpelier.” –Former City Councilor Ed Adrian, Burlington

“Selene is one of the hardest working and thoughtful city leaders Burlington has seen in a long time. She is an effective city councilor who gets things done through collaborative and evidence-based policy work and more importantly, she takes a stand and speaks up as a leader in the community to call for more participatory and accountable government. She will take her passion for addressing climate change, economic justice issues and community safety to the state level and get things done.” Former City Councilor Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, Burlington

“Selene is among the most thoughtful and hardworking people I know. Her compassion for people extends to those she agrees with and those she does not. She navigates the political realm with an uncanny ability to maintain both passion and balance in the midst of tremendous discord and stress. She is an unequaled listener and always works for the highest good. I have been inspired by her intelligence, leadership, commitment, and creativity since I met her in sixth grade, 35 years ago!” – Former City Councilor Rachel Siegel, Burlington