Together we can do great things!


Affordable housing solutions for all:

  • Housing First for our most vulnerable
  • Workforce and family housing
  • Improved student housing models and institutional accountability
Rice Memorial students standing in at a press conference to represent the 172 children who were homeless in Chittenden County in 2015.

A sustainable environment for our kids:

  • Robust renewable goals
  • Protections for endangered ecosystems and species
  • Shifting Vermont away from a carbon economy
Selene testifying in the Senate Government Operations committee on her work on fossil fuel divestment in Burlington

Treatment matters:

  • Effective harm reduction approaches to the opiate crisis
  • Humane and fiscally responsible levels of funding for mental health and substance abuse treatment.
Selene and others celebrating a $25,000 gift to the Howard Center’s Safe Recovery, a Burlington-based program opioid addiction support program.